Chris Piper’s Le Rosé – Perfect for Summer Picnics

rose Le Rosé  is a ripe and rounded rose, pale pink with a zest strawberry like fruit and well balanced acidity.

Domaine de Grandmont is a 9ha property, situated in the commune of Blace, about 15 minutes drive south of Chateau du Pave. It is owned by Jean Brac de la Perriere, the late Henri Brac de la Perriere’s eldest son. Chris Piper has been the consultant wine-maker since 2001 and since 2002, there has been a severe investment in the vineyard.

The delightful 58 year old Claude Perrin is in charge of the estate and cellars. What he is brilliant at is viticulture and, since he has been given a free rein, he has transformed the vineyards and drastically reduced the yields.

Grandmont is overtly eco-friendly, no pesticides, weedkillers or man-made fertilisers. The soil is manured and ploughed and has competitive swiss grass planted between the vines for hydric competition, ensuring deeper roots and reduced yields. A very tight pruning is carried out and, very unusually for Beaujolais, the vines are pruned on the double-guyot system, trained on wires, giving the grapes better aeration and sun exposure.

Le Rosé is available through our website and in our retail shop in Ottery St Mary at £10.13 per bottle.

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