Hipster holding a glass of ginWho doesn’t love a cold g&t in January ? It’s SUCH a long month, the children now return from school laden with spellings and physics projects, the wood pile is dwindling and the fridge offers up the vague smell of mincemeat and parsnips (and there’s STILL ham and turkey to get through..). So personally, I’m not one for offering up to go teetotal in January. Heavens no ! For me,  the ‘occasional’ g&t around 6 o’clock hits the perfect spot of beating winter blues.

I think there’s only one rule with gin. Unless drinking it neat, one needs proper tonic. Nothing wilts a first sip of a g&t than over-sweetened ever so slightly flat tonic. It makes ALL the difference so decent tonic only.

Gin – preferably dry and interesting enough to procure the following response : ‘OOOOH that’s SO good’ and not just in a ‘needing alcohol’ kind of way. Does it matter if you can’t taste 50 botanicals in one go ? Probably not but a hint of juniper, elderflower or coriander is a boost to the palate and senses and gives an added complexity.

For us at CPW our furthest gin comes from 2 hours drive away, the rest are from the surrounding countryside. Bought because their makers are passionate about their product and what they do, and we stock only the best (and local).

Definitely worth a try – every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday…throughout January.

Six O’Clock Gin, Williams Chase Elegant Gin, Tarquins HandCrafted Cornish Gin, Salcombe Starting Point Gin, Conker Gin, Aval Dor Stafford Gin. Find them all here: GIN

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