Summer Wines


Yes a cliché but hey, there are wines we all prefer to drink in the sunshine (or warmer rain) than in the depths of winter huddling by the fire. If I’m al fresco anywhere, anytime there’s nothing better than a white, pink or glass of bubbles that has condensation droplets on the glass. I want overbounding (yes there is such a word) aromas of juicy bramble berries, delicate spritz bubbles, tropical notes oozing with passion fruit and elderflower. Not much to ask yet how many times have you been handed a glass of warm flacid wine bursting with nothing but acidity and aromas of plastic bubblegum.

Our mixed cases give every opportunity for complete enjoyment. A sweeping statement yes but every wine has been chosen for it’s aroma and palate, plus the fact that all can be enjoyed either with food or on their own.

BBQ Wines – Mixed case of spicy, juicy red and peachy whites for just £40

House Wines – Mixed case of Chris Piper’s Favourites £45.50

Summer Rose – Mixed case includes a bottle of pink fizz and other fruity numbers £55

Burgundy – Mixed case of red/white – GOOD STUFF ! £74

Beaujolais – The Best from Beaujolais. Hand picked by Chris Piper £77.50

Order now before the sun comes out and you are bereft of vino.

All cases are x6 bottles. Delivery charges apply as per our website.

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